Development of a Blockchain ratings platform, self regulating for investment intelliegence.

Ignite RATINGS is the world’s first, truly decentralised and self-regulating investment intelligence and ratings platform powered entirely by crowd-sourced opinion. Acorex have been involved in this Blockchain project since early concept and delivered the complete Blockchain technology for this complex solution.

The development skills provided by Acorex have allowed us to rapidly design and develop the platform with an Agile approach.

Leading edge Blockchain development

Ignite Ratings is a completely bespoke solution, developed exactly to the requirements of the client.  Acorex worked closely with the design team at Ignite, to develop a pixel-perfect solution.  The end product provides excellent functionality for the community using the platform.

  • A highly scalable platform developed for high volumes of data and rapid growth.
  • Using the latest technology to provide a feature-rich platform.
  • Built on Blockchain technology
  • Innovative and a unique concept.

The platform is continuing to be developed, with new features being added each month.  Continually improving the Blockchain platform with feedback from the community on suggestions of features to extend the solution further.

The latest info on ICO's and Crypto's

API’s are integrated into the platform ensuring the latest news feeds and trading information is always up to date.  The accuracy of information makes the platform the logical place to seek all ICO and crypto information.

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