Management Team

Paul Morgan

Robert Cooke

Andrew Keywood

Richard Mountany

Steve Brady

Stefan Barcelo

Matthew Guy

Marlon Davies

Why Choose Acorex?

Acorex development team have many high profile clients including ICOs and privately funded organisations.

Innovative Blockchain solutions are created from our knowledge and the proven processes we follow.  Therefore, the applications we create are robust and scalable.  This is because, the Acorex team take time to understand your long term business plans.

Also, the Acorex teams, “Blockchain London” and “Blockchain Gibraltar” ensure that your project is future proofed.  This is achieved by the use of the latest technology and understanding business growth plans.  Therefore, ensuring that as the platform users or data increases, the solution provided continues to operate as efficiently.

We take time to understand your requirements, and clearly explain the options available to your organisation.  With this approach, our Blockchain team can create and deploy solutions exceeding clients expectations.

An experienced Blockchain team

The “Blockchain Gibraltar” and “Blockchain London” teams work closely with our clients.  The team has worked in many business sectors such as Financial, Insurance, Media and Gaming.  In addition, this provides our in-house team with an in depth knowledge of different business sectors.

The team consists of developers, UX/UI, analysts, technical architects and project managers.  This skill set ensures projects completed on time and to the highest standard.

Ongoing support and maintenance

Support and maintenance of applications after launch is essential.  Flexible agreements are available, including 24/7/365 support.  However, all tailored to meet business requirement, allowing support agreements to individual needs.


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